Cleaning and home Improvements

Many homes can benefit from an updated kitchen. New appliances can help give the space a more contemporary look, and hiring commercial cleaning companies can certainly help spruce up the feel of a home. But, choosing the right tiles for the back splash or the space under cabinets can complete the look. Modern kitchen wall tiles come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes.

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Using Subway Tiles

Many homeowners like the clean look of subway tiles. They are available in a broad range of colors and can be used to draw attention to the area. All white tiles look good with lighter walls and cabinets. White matching grout, the look is sleek and clean looking. Adding some gray or darker grout will help white subway tiles stand out. Subway tiles can also be a way to add some color to the room. They come in bold colors, as well as more subdued earth tones. Color themes can give the space a more natural look, by varying related colors in lighter and darker shades in a scattered or random pattern. Tiles can be installed under cabinets or they can cover walls from floor to ceiling, depending on the look the homeowners are trying to achieve.

Mosaic Glass Tile

Mosaic glass tiles come in a range of sizes. They are typically longer and narrower than the subway variety and are more translucent. They can be purchased in 12" by 12" or larger sheets, which makes installation easier. Unless a solid color is desired, sheets of glass mosaic will come in color themes with varying lighter and darker shades in the sheet. Mosaic glass comes in sheets with a mesh backing, to make installation simpler. A quality tile adhesive is used to attach them to a clean and smooth wall. With the smaller tiles, the sheets of mosaic can often be cut to fit areas around outlets and switches. The are usually grouted between the tiles and between the sheets, for a seamless look.

Advantages of Glass Tile

Regardless of the type used, modern kitchen wall tiles are easy to maintain. They can easily be wiped off if foods or liquids splatter. Many common household cleaners and non-abrasive products can be used. But, if the homeowners choose, they can use natural cleaning alternatives like vinegar.

Glass tiles are cured at high temperatures. They are resistant to heat, which makes them suitable for use behind a flat cook top or stove. Glass tiles protect the wall behind sinks and areas that may be exposed to water. They make an excellent choice for a back splash area.

Glass mosaic tiles are inexpensive and easy to install. Even homeowners who don't have previous tiling experience can easily cut and fit the sheets to the areas they want to cover. They key to installing tiles properly is using the right adhesive and putting it on the wall properly. Some advanced planning on tile placement is also necessary.

Glass tile for the kitchen gives it a cleaner, more contemporary look. But, it also makes walls easier to clean and maintain. Tile can add warmth and interest to the space and can help make the kitchen a room homeowners will be proud of.